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Tabata for Swimming for an Efficient Workout

You may have heard about Tabata training in various exercise or training programs. It’s something that I think many triathletes should be incorporating into their swim workouts on a regular basis.

So what are Tabatas and how can they be used in swim workouts?

Tabata is an exercise program with extremely focused short burts using intervals.
Basically, it’s a set of 8 (or 16 or 32) 20 second all out sprints followed by 10 seconds of active recovery. The active recovery could consist of easy swimming or treading water.

These types of workouts can not only help you get faster in the water, but also allow you to burn more fat than in a typical long aerobic session.
You will burn more calories in a long aerobic training session, however, Tabatas will allow you to burn more fat. A recent study showed that subcutaneous fat loss was ninefold greater in the test group doing Tabata workouts vs. those doing longer aerobic workouts.

Keep in mind that if you have poor technique, there is no point in doing Tabatas for swimming. However, if you have worked on your technique but feel like you’ve hit a plateau in swimming, this could be a nice substitute for boring laps in the pool, giving you the ability to burn more fat and get faster in the water.

Have you tried doing Tabatas in any way? What is your experience?

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